La Casita Verde




                     Image: Marina Zurkow


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La Casita Verde is an urban “green esquina” for the public to learn about and participate in the soil food web.


We support urban agriculture, soil rehabilitation, solar energy, public art and an art/science/tech lab. As well, we host events for skill sharing and community building around healthful living.


La Casita Verde is a GreenThumb NYC Parks community garden and was established in November 2013. The founding members came together to transform a 30+ year abandoned lot into a space for people in the community and beyond to participate in the soilfoodweb (or the system that sustains our body and environment). Members and visitors will learn how to make rich soil, grow healthy food, use the values of permaculture — all through the union of community, art, science and fun.

La Casita Verde has received generous support from: Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund, Citizens Committee for New York City, NYC Compost Project at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Ecological Landscape Management, City of New York Department of Sanitation, Kiwi Energy, GrowNYC and Eyebeam Art + Technology Center.



Brooke Singer, President

Stefani Bardin, Vice President

Santiago Lopez, Assistant Vice President

Elizabeth Guzman, Treasurer

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